Artist of the month

One of the art groups that I belong to allows us to have the spotlight now and again and exhibit as the Artist of the Month. This month I have the opportunity to arrange my works on the wall where they can be seen by not only the members of the Fine Art group but also the members of the many other groups that use the Maleny Arts and Craft Group building in the Maleny Showgrounds. Some of my works are new – others are quite old. I have a mixture of etchings, watercolour, a life drawing, a collage, a linocut and some cyanotypes. The etching in the bottom left hand corner, Marquesas Bound, was done in 2008 – but wasn’t framed until a month ago. I thought it deserved a public showing before it returns to the hallway wall at home. I’ve enjoyed the monthly displays by the other members of the group and hope that they enjoy my diverse lot too.


Two weeks into this exhibition the COVID-19 reached Australia. We all got nervous about it, so I borrowed a key and went to the building after hours (when no one was there) and took my work down. A few days later the art group closed it’s doors. The world had changed and we will miss the companionship of our various art/craft groups.

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