Intaglio prints

Endangered species

For the 2019 Collectables exhibition by the Maleny Printmakers I started a collection of Australian endangered species. Admittedly I didn’t get far – only my first two – a quoll and a mountain pygmy possum. Aluminium plate etchings on Garza Engraving paper (paper size 11.5cm x 13.5cm).

Floating By and Drifting By

I rather like the old book illustration quality of these small etchings (paper size 11.5cm x 13.5cm) that were done for Collectables 2018. They are printed on BFK Rives paper and handpainted with watercolour.

Copper Sulphate etching on aluminium

Antechinus etching
Antechinus, 2018

I have only recently discovered Copper Sulphate etching on aluminium plates. It is a relatively easy process and safer than etching with nitric acid. In many ways it is similar – the plate is covered with a ground (in this case a hard ground) and the image drawn into the ground with a stylus. The plate is then etched with a solution of copper sulphate, salt and tepid water.

‘Antichinus’ is printed on Garza Engraving paper with sepia ink and was made for the After Dark exhibition at the Mary Cairncross Interpretive Centre at Maleny.

Zinc plate etchings (2005-8)

I took to etching on zinc plates with nitric acid like a duck to water, until I decided that I really didn’t like playing around with nitric acid.