Mixed Media

One technique isn’t always the only way to go. Sometimes it is nice to combine techniques.

Rainforest Lepidoptera

The Maleny Printmakers exhibition at Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve, Maleny in 2020 was about bugs. The artists were issued a list of bugs – and most of the bugs were butterflies. I had an etching in mind, so preferred what I called a ‘proper bug’ – an ant, caterpillar etc. A longer list was produced with all sorts of things on it, and what did I do – a butterfly. What had taken my interest was the long list of scientific names – the system of binomial nomenclature. I was fascinated, so used the names in my work. It was, as you could imagine, a bit of tricky lino cutting!

Rainforest Lepidoptera. Linocut and handsewing on Garza Engraving paper.

Galapagos Rain

Mixed media work called Galapagos Rain
Galapagos Rain, 39 x 29 mm

Galapagos Rain: linoprint and hand stitching on Garza Engraving paper.


Contemporary painting of two finches

 Acrylic, nautical chart and shellac on canvas.

1889 – Le Corset

Linoprint of 1889 corset

1889 Le Corset. Linoprint, watercolour and handstitching. 30cm x 30cm, 2016

I planned to do a series on undergarments – but this is as far as I got – so far. 

Bush baby

Mixed media work called Bush Baby
Bush Baby, 2016

Bush Baby was part of a Maleny Printmakers ‘ The Nature of Printmaking’ exhibition at the Arts and Ecology Centre in the Maroochy Regional Bushland Botanic Garden at Tanawha. It is a combination of blind embossing with a collograph plate, linoprint and cyanotype on teabags. 


Cyanotype, linoprint and handsewing work called Transpiratoin
Transpiration, 2016

This work deals with the interaction of plants with their environment. It is a mixed media work with a cyanotype background of leaf detritus, various microscopic plant sections printed in linoprint, and hand embroidered with the pattern of contours and drainage within the Maroochy Bushland Botanic garden.