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Precious, cyanotype and watercolour, 2018

I’d probably known Hazel for around 70 years. She lived across the road from my home when I was a child – and I always called her Mrs Benson until I was around 70 and she insisted that I call her Hazel. Her daughter-in-law gave me the tray when she died. I don’t know if it is molded glass, cut glass or crystal – it is ‘precious’ because it was Hazels.

Baby dresses

Why baby dresses? They are small – although sometimes bigger than I think when I try to fit them on a sheet of printmaking paper. I do like how the cyanotype process shows off their construction.

Rockhampton Botanic Gardens

These were part of a series of works based on the Rockhampton Botanic Gardens. They were  my first serious attempts at cyanotype. When I left Rockhampton in 2015 the fernery was very much in a state of disrepair, and I wonder if it has been demolished or refurbished. The Thozets were involved with the early days of the gardens.